our most precious


one pitch

at a time


you think you can

or whether

you think you can't

you're right

Be a


on and off




was what we had


was the byproduct


each person

on the baseball field

or on the bench

it will radiate


If I have a


I have a


Ending His Life

Could Not

End His Dreams

Musings/Current Events...

Urban Impact Pittsburgh

On the evening of February 1, we held a clinic for the baseball program of Urban Impact Pittsburgh, a charity we are honored to support.  We met some of the most respectful, attentive, and engaging youth we have had the privilege to encounter in the fulfillment of our mission.  In addition to loyal volunteers Neil Walker, Andy Goff, and Jeff Elias (with Patt McCloskey on the DL), we were joined by former Major Leaguers Don Kelly and Tom Walker, and reunited with Mike Carlin, each of whom loved every minute of the evening and were soooo popular with the youngsters.  More magic.  More smiles. Photos courtesy of Brian Seymour.

Roberto Clemente Museum Event

On January 14 Don Seymour and Neil Walker hosted pairs of Big and Little Brothers and Sisters and Tom Baker form that organization’s leadership.  What a day, escorted by Duane Reeder, the founder, owner (and curator) of the museum.  This is an under-publicized Pittsburgh asset.  By the way, it attracts visiting MLB players when in town for a series with the Pirates.  The Bigs and Littles were both inspired and inspiring as usual.

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