our most precious


one pitch

at a time


you think you can

or whether

you think you can't

you're right

Be a


on and off




was what we had


was the byproduct


each person

on the baseball field

or on the bench

it will radiate


If I have a


I have a


Ending His Life

Could Not

End His Dreams

Musings/Current Events...

Big Brothers Big Sisters Awards Banquet

award banquet 01.10.17 bWe’ve previously updated on this, but now we have visual evidence to confirm!  In January, our organization was fortunate enough to be named the Pittsburgh Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Community Partner of the Year for 2016.  The event, held at The James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy, was a great opportunity to reflect on some of the good work we’ve done so far, the good work being done by others all the time, and what is left for us as we continue our journey.  In this post, we include some Pittsburgh Post Gazette press with respect to the event, as well as photos and video of Don’s acceptance speech of this cherished award.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 4.26.51 PM

In South Carolina, The Beat Goes On

Take it from the website manager for our fund:  it is very, very difficult to keep up with the comings and goings of our president, Don… Much of what I see and get to communicate with our inspiring leader is ‘behind-the-scenes’ and will be public sometime in the future, but a fair amount is also an impressive amount of publicity he has been able to generate around many of the wonderful events and accolades he’s organizing on behalf of the fund. In this post, I hope to share (hopefully all of) what has been written about and shared in South Carolina during the first half of the month of February.  As is apparent, the South Carolina journalists and community members are eager to follow the progression of our story as it continues to develop:

  • ABC News 4:  Father Turns Tragedy Into Triumph
  • Moultrie News:  Three Years after Tragedy, Clint Seymour Play Ball Fund Is Thriving
  • Post & Courier:  Clint Seymour Play Ball Fund, Born of Tragedy, Helps High School Teams


Each of these links is posted on our Facebook page as well:

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