6th Annual “Joy of the Game”

On August 20, 2022, the Clint Seymour Play Ball Fund hosted its 6th annual “Joy of the Game” youth baseball event at Clint Seymour Field in Mt. Lebanon, PA. The event followed a two-year hiatus made necessary by COVID. Our youth participants were again guided by our motto that “Joy” is derived (and was derived by Clint) from “Respect” and “Determination.” We were ecstatic to welcome the largest youth group ever (over 100) , and Clint’s dear friend and our founding Director Neil Walker joined and led us for the first time after his retirement from Major League baseball. Andy Goff and MLBA’s Ian Smith were tireless in planning and organizing the event, while I attempted to stay in the dugout. We had more than twenty coaches on the fields, including friends, teammates, rivals, and coaches of Clint, who just never say “no.” We owe special thanks to those Friends of Clint, including the growing number of “Friends of Clint Who He Never Met.”

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