Suede and Leather Bracelets by Charleston Jewelry Designer for the Fund

WhimsyIn honor of Clint and in support of Clint’s Play Ball Fund, an English-born jewelry designer in Charleston has, with our approval, designed a bracelet in black suede or black soft leather with “Play Ball” engraved on a metal plaque sewn into the bracelet, with a small “CS” tag attached. The bracelets, which have just been announced, will sell for $25, with $10 being donated to our Fund. I am told that they are perfect for male or female use and that they would complement anyone already wearing one of the Ryan Eckenrode-inspired wrist bracelets. Both are black; one has Clint’s name and one has his Fund’s name, and I am told it is fashionable to wear stacking bracelets. Carly bought the first one! If you go to and surf to “bracelets” or her “blog” tab, you will see the bracelets and also her background piece on Clint and our Fund.

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