On August 26, 2023, the Clint Seymour Play Ball Fund hosted its 7th annual “Joy of the Game” youth baseball event at Clint Seymour Field in Mt. Lebanon, PA. Our 100+ youth participants were again guided by our motto that “Joy” is derived (and was derived by Clint) from “Respect” and “Determination.” Clint’s dear friend and our founding Director Neil Walker (former Pittsburgh Pirate and current broadcaster) joined and led the event. Andy Goff and MLBA’s Ian Smith were tireless in planning and organizing the event. We had more than twenty coaches on the fields, including friends, teammates, rivals, and coaches of Clint, who just never say “no.” His sister Carly Rae Richards (another of our founding directors) joined us from Texas, as did Clint’s Uncle and Aunt (John and Nancy Seymour), who came from Alabama. His Uncle Rich and Aunt Carolyn participated as did Uncle Chuck Aunt and Aunt Sue who have joined us from Murrysville each year. Clint’s father Don came in from San Antonio and has attended each of these events. Many local friends also were in attendance supporting this wonderful day and the scores of youngsters whose lives were touched by Clint for the day. And Ian Smith and other members of the Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association were indispensable. Special thanks to all the Friends of Clint, including the growing number of “Friends of Clint Who He Never Met.” Enjoy this post by his sister Carly Rae Richards including the photos from Dr. Bill McMillan and his daughter Christine (Clint’s first baby-sitter). Our family appreciates the continual support of Clint’s continuing unique and memorable spirit. Blessings to all from Don and Mary Seymour and Carly Rae (Seymour) and Adam Richards.

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